Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

we will return
to pigs and pork
bears and seals
iraq and a hardplace
lipstick and lipservice

but today we stop
we remember
we remember
we will always remember

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Perhaps It's Time

Perhaps It's Time

this manufactured gender war
is threatening
to become the latter-day swiftboat
and as Rick Davis said
(in a self-fulfiling omen)
This election is not about issues.
This election is about
a composite view of what people take away from these candidates.

so perhaps it's time
(well past time?)
to bring up the McCain we know
unstable from years of torture actin'
bomb-bomb-iran singin'
my wife, that [unmentionable] spoutin'
Chelsea sired by Janet jokin'
sunni shia toMAYto tomAHto confusin'
Iran Afghan border thinkin'
let's save some money by not honoring MLK votin'
old wife in car accident desertin'
new rich wife in wet t-shirt contest enterin'
no internet or e-mail usin'
100 years in Iraq stayin'
melanoma barely survin'
who could be one heart beat away
from turning the US
into Harper Valley PTA.

Obama Talks Lipstick and McCain

Obama Talks Lipstick and McCain

i find myself
even praying
for a "game changer"

a terrible first interview
an discovered tape
a child protective service order

anything that might bring
Queen Sarah
back to earth